Join us to explore the rich rhythms and melodies
of Son Jarocho, a vibrant musical tradition from
the state of Veracruz on Mexico’s eastern coast.
Learn to play the jarana jarocha, the donkey jaw
(yes, it’s real), and the songs and stories that
are part of this living tradition. You’ll be
surprised at how quickly you’re able to make
beautiful music as part of the group.

provides all the musical instruments.

All ages welcome
When: Tuesdays 7:00 to 8:00 P.M.
Where: Bell Arts Factory, (Studio 93)
432 N. Ventura Ave. Ventura, CA. 93001
Price: All classes are free, but donations are welcome.
No previous musical experience necessary
For more information: (805) 636-3803 (Spanish/English)
pococmijangos@gmail.com or just show up.
proyectoJAROCHO is dedicated to sharing the vibrant music
and dance tradition known as son jarocho from the region of
Sotavento, on Mexico’s eastern coast. Son jarocho reflects
the synthesis of Mexico’s African, Spanish and indigenous
influences in a tradition that continues to thrive among
current generations. The ease of learning son jarocho makes
it an excellent introduction to music.
The essence of son jarocho is expressed in an event known
as a fandango, a festive encounter where musicians gather
around a tarima or wooden platform upon which dancers
take turns. The fandango model serves as a tool to teach
children and adults to play, sing and dance. It is an inclusive
space where all are welcomed to participate in an accepting
and energized environment.
ProyectoJAROCHO explores the rich rhythms and melodies
of son jarocho using the jarana (an eight string guitar-like
instrument), the quijada de burro (donkey jaw), tarima
(wooden dance platform) and marimbol (large bass thumb
piano). Instruction includes an overview of the construction
of son jarocho stringed instruments carved from a single
block of wood. Led by experienced musician and instrument
maker in the son jarocho tradition, Jorge Mijangos.