• Dawn Riely

    Studio 88
    Dawn Reily

    Ventura born, Dawn started showing and selling her art in the local gallery scene as a teenager and started her own jewelry design business at age 16. Reily graduated from Sonoma State with a Bachelors in Fine Art,… Read More

  • Dawne Fowkes Cushing

    Studio 98

    Dawne J. Fowkes Cushing is a studio potter who is an adherent to the traditions of making her own clay and glazes. Using high fire porcelain and white stoneware clays, the work focuses on the users’ sensual connection… Read More

  • Girls Girl Club

    Studio 84
    Girls Girl Club

    The Girls Girl Club, established in November 2016, is a Ventura-based organization encouraging empowerment, self-improvement, and compassion. The board members are a tight group of collaborative, eclectic, intelligent women striving to better our community in any way we… Read More

  • Harmony Project

    Studio 100

    New West Symphony Harmony Project of Ventura County is a youth development program that uses music as a tool for social transformation, providing tuition free afterschool music instruction to youth from Title I schools in Ventura with a… Read More

  • Jessi Fleange

    Studio 96
    Jessi Fleagane

    Little Black Soul is the design studio and workshop of Jessi Fleagane. Jessi graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from Brook’s College of Design in Long Beach, California in 1997, and has designed everything from lingerie to… Read More

  • Laurel Huggins

    Studio 95
    Laurel Huggins

    Laurel Huggins was born and raised in L.A. She began her artistic career as a portrait painter, a skill she learned from her family. Although not formally trained, she was passionate about exploring many mediums, including paintings, sculptures, assemblages, drawings, designs… Read More

  • Marian Roell

    Studio M

    Succulents With Style As a military brat, I moved from base to base around the world, not planting my feet in soil too long until I found Ventura. Enchanted from the moment I could see Anacapa Island from… Read More

  • Marianne McGrath

    Studio 80
    Marianne McGrath

    My work is a contemplation on material, process, and object metaphors that juxtaposes the medium of clay with industrial materials to create installations and small works that speak of landscapes lost.  Inspired by the landscape of my agrarian… Read More

  • MB Hanrahan

    Studio 76

    I consider myself a pop artist. My paintings and sculptures usually contain popular cultural references, present and past. My ideas are the best Art I make- I work in whatever medium is best suited to realize an idea. My… Read More

  • Merlich Art Glass

    Studio 50

    Entirely self-taught, Beglar Merlich began what would be a life-changing journey into the world of stained glass art in New Mexico in the 1980′s. Because of his commitment to the tiniest details and his extraordinary designs, Beglar became… Read More

  • Michelle Foster

    Studio 93

    Michele Foster has been an artist since childhood. She has always enjoyed expressing herself through her art and was one of the founding artists at Santa Barbara Ceramic Design. She works in clay, mosaics, airbrush, paint, computer graphics,… Read More

  • Miguel Rodriguez

    Studio 71
    Miguel Rodriguez

    Miguel Rodriguez grew up in an immigrant family. Having to translate for his parents, Miguel developed a sense for giving a voice to those who cannot communicate because of social circumstances that they cannot control. In 1997, when… Read More

  • Rico Mandel

    Studio 99

    A native of Los Angeles, I got a taste for photography at an early age. I was eight when a friend of mine showed me how to develop B&W film. I became addicted. I soaked up as much… Read More

  • Scott Gordon

    Studio 32

    Scott Gordon is a visual artist whose multi-layered mixed media paintings explore the relationship between fragmentation and wholeness, chance and order and fiction and fact.

  • Studio 97 At Bell Arts Factory

    Initially opened by Maribel Hernandez, Studio 97 now play host to several local Ventura County artists.  Truly an “arts factory”, Maribel’s studio generates paintings, jewelry, clothing, housewares and paper art creations.   Essentially, no medium is off limits…. Read More

  • Susan Lawrence

    Studio 86

    Susan Lawrence was born and raised in Santa Monica, Ca. She studied art at the Instituto Allende, in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Her journeys have taken her all over the world to experience many people and cultures,… Read More

  • Vita Art Center

    Studio 30
    Vita Art Center

    Since opening the doors in 2007, the Vita Art Center has stayed true to its mission to engage the public in the arts through education, exhibits, and events. EDUCATION Whether you are looking for a creative outlet or… Read More