Laurel Huggins

Laurel Huggins

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Laurel Huggins

Laurel Huggins was born and raised in L.A. She began her artistic career as a portrait painter, a skill she learned from her family. Although not formally trained, she was passionate about exploring many mediums, including paintings, sculptures, assemblages, drawings, designs and photographs. She became an acclaimed member of the L.A. art scene, had a number of gallery showings and won many awards. Her early works are now showing up in auctions and selling for thousands of dollars.

She also had a successful graphic business working in the entertainment industry, creating such items as album covers and billboards. Some of her clients included Merv Griffin, the Fifth Dimension, Tony Orlando and Dawn, and Twentieth Century Fox. In 1986 she moved to Carmel where she followed a spiritual path for three years. In 1989 she moved to Mexico and started her family. She spent several years there raising her young family.

When she returned to the states she began exploring a new screening fabrics. The highly successful Parker/Hugginsfirm that she and her husband founded produced hand dyed and printed fabrics from Laurel’s designs. Nieman’s and Barney’s carried items created from their fabrics, such as bedspreads, pillows and purses. In 1997 they won “Best of Show” at the New York Home Textile Show.

In 1998 her brilliant career was tragically interrupted. While being treated for meningitis, a brain aneurysm was discovered and she had to undergo emergency, near fatal, brain surgery. She was promised only a 3% chance of making it through unscathed. This intervention left her nearly incapacitated, unable for a time even to draw. Never looking back, nor losing her genius, talent and dedication, Ms. Huggins gradually regained her formidable graphic abilities and techniques in order to practice again the art that was, and is, her lifeblood. In the process, she found new insights and inspiration—“understanding and expressing more deeply the alchemy of transformational growth”, as she expresses it. Returning to the fabric designing that she so loved, in 2014 she once again began creating exquisite new pieces. She has completed the first series of tapestries, pillows, throws and scarves, and is once again being represented by the renowned Doris Sanders Showroom in Dallas.

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