¡GRACIAS, VENTURA! For Giving Us The Art Camp En Español

¡GRACIAS, VENTURA! For Giving Us The Art Camp En Español

Bell Arts Factory would like to extend a big thank you to the Ventura arts community for coming together and supporting the Spanish Language Summer Art Camp. Over the course of just one month, we were able to raise over $2000 to cover the cost of materials and tuition for this ground breaking program.

This support allows for over fifteen children to learn fine art techniques in classes taught entirely in Spanish. For many of these children, this is there first time taking an art class in their first language, or in the primary language spoken in their home. For others, these classes are a continuation of their dual language immersion (DLI) program during the school year. But most importantly, these participants are learning the foundations of becoming creative, imaginative artists.

We cannot express enough gratitude to all of the donors who came together to make this possible. Support came from Bell Arts Factory artists, the Bell Ringers who are already supporting us with monthly contributions, the Bell Arts Factory Board of Directs, and others from all walks in the Ventura arts community. You gave money, supported our posts on Facebook, and spread the word through your networks. Together, we did it!

The class is just over halfway through now. They’ve studied ceramics, portraits, painting, drawing and much more. A cumulative exhibit of their work will be shown at the August 2017 First Friday in our community room, alongside all of Bell Arts Factory’s other artists and tenants. We’ll have more information on that exhibit shortly, as well as information on a private reception for all the donors. If you want to track the class’ progress, please follow our Facebook page.

But for now, Bell Arts Factory would like to say a sincere “gracias” to all of our supporters. Each of you have provided the spark of art to children in our community.

This is truly a gift that can last a lifetime.
¡GRACIAS, VENTURA! For Giving Us The Art Camp En Español

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