Ventura County Potters’ Guild Annual Holiday Pottery Market

The VCPG this year will display some of their best wares; an amazing variety of styles, colors, and types of hand-made functional and decorative works in clay and many whimsical sculptural pieces.  Not only is this a great place to select gifts, but you’ll get a chance to meet the artists, ask questions about their work, and perhaps learn what else goes on in this labyrinth of galleries and studios.

Friday’s opening coincides with “Ventura’s First Friday” and with the BAF’s open studios event from 5pm until 9pm. Saturday’s hours are from 10am to 4pm, but plan to arrive early, if you’d like to have the widest selection.  The potter’s work is all hand-made, stoneware and porcelain, offering a multitude of uniquely creative pieces.

Special Event: Grupo Yodoquinsi- Mexico

The Bell Arts Factory is a blessing in our community, especially in their capacity to be so flexible as to put on great shows with very little time or resources. Such was the case last Monday night (November 10, 2014) when a group of traveling musicians from Mexico, Grupo Yodoquinsi performed an amazing concert to a very appreciative, standing room only crowd.

Grupo Yodoquinsi called their Bell Arts experience the best evening of their exploratory journey into the United States. They are back in Mexico now and we are here, yet we all are still basking in the afterglow of an amazing night at the Bell Arts.



Thank you, Linda Jordan Photography for the amazing shots


Tool Room – Exhibition: “Rebar”


ReeLin643web (2)

Art Exhibition of New Paintings by Erik ReeL

November 7 – December 31, 2014
Opening: 6-9 pm, Friday November 7, 2014
December opening reception: 7-9 pm, Friday December 5, 2014


The Museum of Ventura County will be exhibiting new acrylic paintings by Erik Reel in November and December. The show will feature work from his most recent series, Rebar. This exhibition continues ReeL’s exploration of mark-making and its relationships to signification. The rebar motif is a loosely defined metaphor for the strength at the core of meaning, something inside and hidden within the concrete. Originally from Seattle, ReeL currently resides and runs a studio in downtown Ventura and has been a part of the Ventura Avenue renaissance over the last few years.

1593, Inside Job

Artist’s Statement excerpt:
My work has been influenced by micro- and nano-photography, poorly erased whiteboards, sidewalks, ruins, abandoned industrial sites, ancient stone surfaces, fire, sand, sea, ice, charcoal, hieroglyphs, esoteric texts, Hubble Deep Field photographs, photographs of things we cannot see with the naked eye in real time, foundries, wars, concrete….

As for early influences in the visual arts, growing up in Seattle my visual starting point for
painting was Mark Tobey’s late work: the White Writing paintings. Other influences included
Pacific Northwest Scandinavian textile design, architectural, and design traditions, which tend to
be highly abstract.

Community Room-Exhibition: “BEING SEEN”

“Being Seen”
Ventura High
Pacific High
Vita Teen Art Program
Portraits on Exhibit in the Bell Arts Factory Community Room
Opening: Friday, November 7 from 6-9 p.m.

Vita Art Center worked with teens at Vita, Ventura High and Pacific High to create a series of portraits entitled “Being Seen”. The portraits bring the many faceted selves of the real teenage experience into the light:  Their strengths, their energies, their ambivalence, their power, their talents, their questions, and their courage to look inside.  Each portrait is imbued with something the artist wants to be seen.  Raw, real and alive, this show reveals the faces of Ventura’s teens. As our culture and media place so much focus and value on physical appearance, it’s easy to lose touch with who we really are. What do we really look like? How we feel? How do our feelings “look” on the inside? What’s real to each of us? What matters to us? Teenagers, especially, struggle with this disconnection as they grow into young adults by trying on different identities.  They often struggle with feeling their true selves are invisible while their attempts to put on identities put them awkwardly on stage.