Cuento Cups: Because Our Stories Matter

Exhibit description:

The Cuento Cups exhibit is a response to Chipotle Mexican Grill’s “Cultivating Thought” author series. In May of 2014, ten authors were chosen to pen original essays on Chipotle Mexican Grill’s cups and take-out bags. Surprise! Not one writer selected was Mexican, Mexican-American or Latina/o.
This exhibit is the brainchild of MVC curator, Anna Bermudez and Latina author, Michele Serros in response to the fact that a major franchise did not include Latino stories. The cups will be displayed at the Tool Room Gallery during the month of October and will periodically be featured on the Museum of Ventura County’s website.
So, artists and writers, we challenge you to take a simple paper cup or create your own take-out cup and paint it, decorate it or keep it simple and write your compelling story on that cup in response to Chipotle’s “Cultivating Thought” series.

Exhibit Dates: October 3, 2014 – November 2, 2014
Opening Reception: October 3, 2014, 6:00 PM
Where: Museum of Ventura County’s satellite location:
The Tool Room Gallery @ Bell Arts Factory
432 North Ventura Avenue, Ventura, CA

Anna Bermudez, Curator
Museum of Ventura County
100 East Main Street
Ventura, CA 93001
For more information: or call (805) 653-0323, ext. 302

Vita Art Center-Exhibition: Rick Stich

Rick Stich
Opening Reception: Friday, October 3 from 6-9 p.m.
Exhibit Dates: Oct. 3 – 31

Santa Barbara painter, Rick Stich has discovered his creative fluency in liquid. An avid surfer, Stich finds his inspiration in the color, reflection and movement of water and in its interplay with light and landscape. His swirling, gestural brushstrokes and vivid hues convey not only the illusionist forms and patterns seen both above and below the water but also expose the inter-connectedness between the real and abstract in nature. Ultimately, while it is water in all its manifestations that has provided Stich with a rich field for imagination and study, it is the interaction between humans and the natural world that he hopes to reveal.

Born in Glendale, CA, Stich has had exhibitions at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Carnegie Art Museum, Edward Cella Art & Architecture, L.A. Louver Gallery, and Ruth Shaffner Gallery. His paintings are held in numerous private and corporate collections, including Bank of America, Eli Broad Foundation, the Oakland Museum of Art and the Santa Barbara Museum.

Community Room – Exhibit: I Can We Can – Fundraiser

*I Can We Can, an art exhibit hosted by ARTesia, in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the Community Room”

Exhibitions – REILY DAWN

First Friday, September 5, 2014

6:00-9:00 PM

In the Community Room, Chalk Floor Art demonstration by artist Dawn Reily, including
interactive chalk drawings. The Museum of Ventura County will feature artist Bill
Solomon: #confusiontoomuch in the Tool Room Gallery. Kid’s Garden Brigade will be
in the lobby with their delicious lemonade, as well as scrumptious baked goods from
Gen’s Baked Goods. Live music by Deadiquette and Friends. And of course OPEN STUDIOS.

Yoga 432 – Katrina Durocher

A unique and expansive Restorative Yoga Workshop

Katrina Durocher is a 500 registered Yoga Therapist. She works with people of all ages.  Her intention is to hold sacred space for each individual to experience the art of meditation in motion. Her group classes cultivate your inner resource, personal intention, body awareness, and connecting moments of mindfulness.


Become part of a sacred union with…

  • Sacred Geometry, a visual and musical experience
  • Restorative yoga poses to open and relax
  • Crystals and stones to guide our frequency
  • Craniosacral therapy under a copper pyramid
  • A quartz crystal pyramid to activate dna codes


When: Sunday, September 21 at 4 pm

(Please arrive 15 min early to sign in and get setup)

Where: Bell Arts Factory 432 N. Ventura Ave.

Cost: Suggested Donation $20

Contact: to reserve a space.


"The ancients knew that these patterns were codes symbolic of our own inner realm and that the experience of sacred geometry was essential to the education of the soul. Viewing and contemplating these forms can allow us to gaze directly at the face of deep wisdom and glimpse the inner workings of The Universal Mind." Bruce Rawles