Preview: ArtWalk Ventura 2017 At Bell Arts Factory

ArtWalk Ventura 2017

ArtWalk Ventura 2017 X Bell Arts Factory Preview

For ArtWalk Ventura 2017, make sure Bell Arts Factory is one of your primary destinations as you check out the local Ventura arts scene.  We will be having special performances and exhibits, food trucks and more on both Saturday and Sunday, so schedule a stop both days.  Located right in the heart of the Avenue, BAF is also walking distance to Stoneworks and Art City Studios, two other staple venues for the creation of art in West Ventura.

Here are a few highlights we have in the works:

Bell Arts Factory: Featured Distinction

ArtWalk Ventura 2017 Artist of Distinction: Maribel Hernandez

ArtWalk Ventura 2017 Bell Arts Factory

First and foremost, Bell Arts Factory is honored to exhibit the 2017 ArtWalk Ventura Artist of Distinction, Maribel Hernandez.  Maribel has been at BAF for the entire history of the organization.  She is a diversely talented artist and also a wonderful art teacher who has helped inspired so much creativity in both the young and old in Ventura.  For ArtWalk, Maribel is converting the Tool Room Gallery into her own aviary as form of tribute to her inspiration, pajaros.


ArtWalk Ventura 2017 Global Artist of Distinction: Shamsia Hassani

ArtWalk Ventura 2017

Vita Art Center will be exhibiting the  2017 ArtWalk Ventura Global Artist of Distinction, Shamsia Hassani from Kabul, Afghanistan. A graffiti artist, Shamsia often paints women in Burqas/women in symbolic shapes, and fishes, symbols of the atmosphere flowing around her and her own life experiences. She is the first female graffiti artist and first 3D street art artist of Afghanistan and uses her art to help bring positive changes to people and more specifically to wash away the depressing memories of long-time war having taken place in her country.

ArtWalk Ventura 2017 X Bell Arts Factory Featured Artist: Scott Gordon

ArtWalk Ventura 2017 Bell Arts Factory

Scott Gordon is a visual artist whosemulti-layered mixed media paintings explore the relationship between fragmentation and wholeness, chance and order and fiction and fact. A Californian by birth, he received his Masters degree in painting from California State University in Northridge. His work is included in numerous public and private collections worldwide. He is represented by galleries in both California and Texas.  Gordon will be self curating a special pop-up exhibit in Studio 35 for ArtWalk Ventura 2017.

The exhibits in the Tool Room Gallery, Studio 35 and at Vita Art Center will be complemented by all of Bell Arts Factory’s current tenants (full list below). BAF is home to over 30 artists, many of whom have very special exhibits planned. It doesn’t matter the medium- photography, ceramics, painting, sculpture, sketching or trolls, Bell Arts Factory’s artists are some of the best in town, and their work will proudly be on display.

Need a place for the children? Bell Arts Factory will be offering free drop-in art classes for kids age 6-12 on Saturday (space will be on a first come, first serve basis, so get to Bell Arts early!). The classes will be taught by Michelle Foster, who is also curating a weaving exhibit for current Youth Art Program students. The specific Time is TBD, check out the Bell Arts Factory website later this week..

Looking to do some shopping? Maybe grab a bite to eat? Bell Arts Factory has you covered. The community room will be home to about 15 unique artists and vendors, selling some of their most recent wares and creations. The So Truck (Saturday) and the SoCal Comfort Food (SUNDAY) Truck and will also be on site to make sure you are well fed before you check out the other ArtWalk exhibits. We will also be having performances from the Harmony Project, Danza Azteca, Michelle Rosenblum and DJ Hunter in the mix.

For more information regarding ArtWalk Ventura 2017 at Bell Arts Factory, please email us: info/at/ or call 805-836-ARTS.

ArtWalk Ventura 2017 X Bell Arts Factory Exhibiting Artists:

Athena Arcayan
Sarah Beckton Leon
Sharon Campell
Dianne Covington
Jessi Fleange
Dawn Fowkes Cushing
Scott Gordon – Featured Artis
Girls Girls Club
MB Hanrahan
Laurel Huggins
Maribel Hernandez
Merlich Art Glass
Susan Lawrence
Reves de Sabine
Rico Mandel
John Mosely
Megan Petree
Dina Pielaet
Donna Powell
Dawn C. Riley
Michelle Rosenblum
Succulents with Style by Marian Roell
Ann White
John Wiekel
Vita Art Center
Youth Art Program – Michelle Foster, Director

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