Tool Room

Renting the Tool Room Gallery


The Tool Room Gallery is an industrial location available for artists who seek an alternate space to showcase their work. The gallery’s mission is to feature emerging and established artists who with their work, will enhance the Ventura arts community. The gallery is also available for rent on a monthly or daily basis.

As part of the commitment to showcase quality fine art exhibitions the gallery provides curatorial services.

The space measures 20’ x 17’ with four 10’ white walls to hang work. The gallery has a great lighting system that can be customized for each exhibit, and has plugs to connect other lights or video sources. The space can be adapted to show any medium from sculpture, painting, ceramics, mixed media, multi-media, performance, photography, installation, and video art.

Hours: The First Friday of every month from 6-9 p.m & by Appointment Only

For renting the space or submitting a proposal please contact