Thank you, Jim Rice

Thank you, Jim Rice

The Board of Directors extends a heartfelt thank you to Jim Rice, the outgoing President and Executive Director of Bell Arts Factory.

Jim has served Bell Arts since July 2012, when he was elected to the position by a unanimous vote of the Board. During his tenure, Bell Arts Factory has emerged as one of the premier arts organizations of Ventura, receiving awards and recognition by the VC Reporter, the City of Ventura, and the Ventura County Arts Council.

As our slogan says “It’s more than art”. Jim’s tireless effort and dedication to the City of Ventura, and more specifically, the Westside, has allowed Bell Arts Factory to flourish as a community center, developing programs and events that serve both the young and the old. From children’s art programs, to yoga and wellness classes, to community action events, not a day passes without Bell Arts Factory making a positive impact on someone’s life. In so many ways, this is because of Jim Rice.

Jim announced his end of the year resignation in August 2016 in order to pursue his new project, Peirano’s Market in Downtown Ventura. He will continue to oversee the Avenue Beautification Project, which is being completed in cooperation with the Westside Community Development Corporation.

The board wishes Jim Rice great success in his new endeavor. Bell Arts Factory would not be where it is today without his vision and leadership. Jim’s impact on the organization, as well as on Ventura’s Westside, has been nothing short of remarkable.

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